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Monday, August 25, 2008

Friendship Night

In our Activity Day group, we were having a little trouble with a couple of the girls getting along and being comfortable with the group. I was becoming a little concerned that the other girls might not fellowship these other girls. I decided that it would be a good time to have a 'Friendship Night'

The theme of the activity was 'You Are Special." Based off of this book by Max Lucado. (For those of you who haven't read this book--read it! It's amazing!) I got the special anniversary edition and it came with a recording of Max Lucado (himself!) reading the book with music in the background.

Anyways, after our opening prayer and Article of Faith practice, we started off the night by taking turns reading these two stories from the Friend. (What's the Difference? AND Standing Up for Molly) They are great articles and the girls really began to get the idea of what the whole night was going to be about.

After we talked about the two articles, we than gathered around in a circle on the floor, which we called our "Friendship Circle." I played the recording of Max Lucado reading "You Are Special," as I turned the pages in the book so that they could look at the pictures. Afterwards, they all were eager to raise their hands and tell me what they liked most about the story.

Next, we all stood up. (Now standing in the "Friendship Circle.") We did this activity found at SugarDoodle:

"You'll need a ball of string or yarn for each group of 6 to 8 participants and three balloons for each group. Divide into groups of six to eight participants. Have them stand in a circle facing the middle. Distribute one ball of yarn or string and three balloons to each group. Have them blow up and tie the balloons and set them on the ground until later. Share the following directions: We are going to make friendship webs. Start with one person holding the end of the string and tossing the string ball to another person in the circle. As the ball is tossed, the person tossing says one quality of a good friend. The person who caught the “ball” will hold the end of the string and toss it to a different person while saying another quality of a good friend. Keep holding on to the string so a large web is created. Once each person has the string, send the “ball” back to the first person and stop. After this first round, toss the balloons into the circle and keep them from touching the ground using the string web. Tell participants to think of the balloons as special friends and they need to support these friends. At this point, the web has large holes and the balloons will fall through to the ground. Instruct groups to do a second and third round of sharing and tossing the string, each time in a different order. Again toss the balloons into the circle and keep them from touching the ground using the string web. This time it is much easier as there are more strands to the web."

I was afraid that the girls might not know any qualities to say about the other girls, so instead of having them say a good quality when they threw the ball of yarn, I had them ask the girl a question about themselves. The girls had so much fun making up their own questions. They thought of everything from... What's your favorite kind of cheese? What's the name of your favorite Aunt? Favorite food, color, etc...) They laughed so much and had so much fun! It turned out soo much better than I had thought it would. By the end of the night, they REALLY all knew each other better and were so happy talking with each other and getting to know each other. It had been one of the best activities.

When we were closing, I gave them this bookmark I made:

The circle at the top of each bookmark is where I tied a piece of the same yarn that we used for our "Friendship Circle" activity.


The Mom

Hey! Thanks for commenting on my hair blog a couple times. I visited your site when it was first up and running so I'm totally excited about what you've got so far. I've recently been put into my primary presidency & I'm over activity days as part of my jobs... I'll surely send the gals in charge of the actual activities your way for ideas. I think it's great you've got a site up and going like this -- especially at your age! Thanks for the fun ideas & keep it up!

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