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Thursday, August 21, 2008


A few weeks ago we did an activity about Modesty.

First, we read this article from the Friend magazine. (We went around the room and everyone got to read a part of the article.)

Then, we started having some fun with modesty.

I got this idea off of the website here. Click on the 'Encouraging My Gospel Standards' link.

What I did was pass out a worksheet to each of the girls. (I usually have about 8.) The top of the worksheet said: "I will dress modestly to show respect for Heavenly Father and myself." Then the paper was divided into four sections: "One way I can dress modeslty for Primary is...", "One way I can dress modestly for school is...", "Dressing modestly shows that I respect myself because...", and "Dressing modeslty shows that I am a child of God because..." Here is an example of the worksheet. You can click on it to see it enlarged. (I printed it out on yellow paper to add some color!)

We started with the first question on the page. I read it aloud and then we all answered it to ourselves, without showing anyone the answer. Then we all crumbled them up and throw them into a big bucket. (I used my laundry basket.)

When we mixed the bucket around and everyone picked a paper from the bucket. Then we uncrumbled them and read the second question. Again, I read it aloud and then we all answered it to ourselves, crumbled them back up, and threw them into the bucket.

Again, we mixed them all around, picked a new paper out, and repeated the process until all four questions had been answered. As a result of the crumbling and mixing up, each paper had different answers from multiple girls. We then went around the room and read all the different answers on each paper.

The girls had a REALLY fun time doing this. They loved crumbling up their papers and trying to throw them in the basket like they were playing basketball. They also loved reading the answers at the end and seeing what everyone wrote. It was a really fun way of seeing everyone's perspective on modesty and to get some good ideas on how they can be modest.

Thanks! :-)

Try it out with your group; I'm sure they'll love it just as much as my girls did.


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