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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Prayer Pillowcases

One week, we made prayer pillowcases. I started off with buying some inexpensive pillowcases from the local walmart and then used all the spare paint and paintbrushes that I had lying around my house.

Before we made the pillowcases, we started off like every other Activity by going over our Article of Faith for that month. Afterwards, we talked about Prayer and the importance of Prayer. We took turns reading the front page of the hand out. (The one to the left...) Also, they were printed out on pink and blue paper.

After discussing prayer, we went to work making our pillowcases. I had made a stencil out of this picture here from mormonshare. (To make a stencil, you just print it out on cardstock and cut out the insides of the picture, leaving all of the black outlines still intact. If you still need help on this, leave a comment and let me know.)

So, the girls stenciled that onto their pillowcases and then wrote some cute prayer sayings. I printed up some examples so that they would have some ideas of what to write:

After that, all of the girls signed each other's pillowcases and then we talked a little bit more about prayer. I read aloud what it said on the back of the hand out (see picture below) and then each girl signed their own handout on the signature line:

And that was the end of the night! Here is an example of what one of the pillowcases looked like:

It was a lot of fun. We were able to joke, get along, and have fun; as well as have some serious discussions about what prayer is and what it means to all of us.



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