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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Preparing for Young Women- Standing for Truth and Righteousness

Because we have had more girls join our Activity Day group since I did my 'Preparing for Young Women Booklet'... we have had to do more Preparing for Young Women activities since then. One of the requirements in the Faith in God Book for Preparing for Young Women states, "Write in your journal how you can serve the Lord as you stand for truth and righteousness."

Some of our girls, mostly the ones new to the group, don't have journals yet. (We will be making them later on in the year :) --Don't tell them, it's a surprise!) But, since they don't have journals, I made this worksheet for us to do together as a group.

Like usual, we all read the Young Women theme together and then thought of ways we can stand for truth and righteousness in our own lives. Then we wrote down the things the group discussed, as well as anything that they thought of on their own.

I usually print these out on colored paper. In order to save money on colored ink... (I'm not made of money)... I generally just print things out on colored paper (Buy it in bulk!), so that I can just use black ink. :D

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