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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Activity Days- Preparing for Young Women

A few people wanted to know what else I was doing for Activity Day tonight. Along with the worksheets I made last week, we will be discussing each Young Women value and why we think it is represented by that specific color. (Specifically knowledge.... as it pertains to Education.... and that is what we are going over......) We will also be reviewing the theme, just for fun. I'm trying to get them to be able to memorize it before going into Young Women. :o)

Other than that, we are just going to have fun; play games, talk, share our thoughts, and things like that.

I don't know what else to say about it. Obviously we will be doing the Articles of Faith too. We are on the 11th Article of Faith this month. So we will spend the first 10-15 minutes going over that!

I made a poster of the 11th Article of Faith for each of the girls, so if you want that.... let me know.

EDIT: I also like to use team building things for games. So, we might play the "Human Knot Game" where everyone stands in a circle and holds the hands of two different people... Then you try to untangle yourselves back into a circle.

ALSO: I got some cute *cheap* green, knowledge stickers. I believe they were from Deseret Book, but I really have no idea; they are from when my mom was Young Women President. Anyways, I'll be giving each girl one of those while we talk about knowledge. The girls love stickers..... I don't know why... but it's good for me since you can buy in bulk. :o)

So, try it. Hah.


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