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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Primary 2009 CD Labels

Edit: I recieved this email from Tricia today:

Thank you so much for sharing your Eternal Family CD Label with me! It is so terrific and I am so excited to have these for our Primary children! It took a little while to get them formatted because I am not very good with the computer. I wanted to let you know what labels I bought and share the template that fit the labels I purchased in case someone else asks.
I purchased Avery Laser White CD Labels [you are right, they have them at Staples and Office Max]. The label number is 5698. I am attaching the paper formatted to fit these specific labels. If someone uses another brand or number they will need to format the labels for that brand/number.

So, if you get those same labels, let me know and I can send you the new format! If you get other labels, you may have to do some reformatting yourself to get it to work just right.

Thanks SO much Tricia!!!

I made these today for Kristy and wanted to share them in case anyone else was interested.

The clipart is from SugarDoodle.Net (I love sugardoodle.)

To download the word format, visit:
or send an email to

Oh, and make note that if you plan on actually attaching these to some CDs, you'll need to get the right type of paper for that.

Version 1:

Version 1 Black and White:

Version 2: (I can change this one to whatever color you want)
Version 2 Black and White:


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